Improving human health through precision microbiome testing

Co-Biome™ believes that the future of good health lies within us and through accurately unlocking the complexity of the gut microbiome, we can better manage patient health for the future.
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Our values

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We are contributing to improving human health

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We are connecting with healthcare professionals and their patients

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We are committed to clinically useful information

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We show courage to pioneer evidence based solutions

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We are conscious of our impact

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For clinicians, by clinicians

Co-Biome™ is for clinicians by clinicians, researchers and scientists all passionate about improving human health through the gut microbiome. Co-Biome™ leverages Microba's deep expertise in the gut microbiome and combines this with clinical expertise to help transform how you manage patient health.

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Local Australian lab with world-class technology

Located in Brisbane Australia, the Co-Biome™ team use world-class microbiome technologies and scientifically graded interventions to provide patient reports that healthcare practitioners can trust. Co-Biome™ shares Microba’s NATA-accredited laboratory, located at the Translational Research Institute. Here Co-Biome™ uses the latest metagenomics testing equipment and follows comprehensive quality assurance protocols to deliver accurate and reproducible results.

2016 Our foundations in microbiome science

Co-Biome’s™ parent brand Microba™ was founded in 2016 at the University of Queensland by Professor Gene Tyson and Professor Philip Hugenholtz, who are globally recognised leaders in the field of Metagenomic Sequencing of the microbiome.

Professor Tyson and Professor Hugenholtz are responsible for pioneering major advancements in metagenomic sequencing and setting new standards for the classification of microorganisms. Together they founded Microba with the goal of unlocking human health through the microbiome by advancing testing techniques, uncovering deeper insights and advancing microbiome-related interventions and therapeutics to improve patient health outcomes through research-quality microbiome analysis.

2018 Pioneering gut microbiome analysis and insights

Microba’s first gut microbiome kit and report, Insight™, was released giving Australian healthcare professionals and consumers the opportunity to accurately measure their gut microbiome and receive personalised, science-based insights and practical recommendations.

2021 Microba’s contribution to science

Co-Biome’s™ parent brand Microba™ continued to gain international interest after publishing numerous groundbreaking scientific articles. A number of these articles were published in the influential academic journal Nature including A complete domain-to-species taxonomy for Bacteria and Archaea and Critical evaluation of faecal microbiome preservation using metagenomic analysis. The Microba™ team continued to grow to acquire a number of new global microbiome experts to continue advancing human health through the microbiome.

2021-2022 Investment into scientific credibility

The Co-Biome™ Clinical Science team was created including industry leading Scientists, Researchers, Naturopaths and Nutritionists. The team was tasked with reviewing the gut microbiome and gastrointestinal health literature to critically evaluate diet, lifestyle and supplement research and clinical insights. Using the NHMRC guidelines for developing recommendations, the team spent over 7000 hours reviewing over 1200 papers, answering over 300 research questions and developing over 80 clinical and research insights that you now find in the Co-Biome MetaXplore reports.

2021 NATA accreditation

The Microba lab, that Co-Biome share, at the Translational Research Institute, Brisbane was NATA accredited for Human Pathology (ISO 15189). Achieving NATA accreditation means the Microba lab has been successful in consistently meeting international laboratory standards. This ensures that healthcare professionals and their patients can trust they will receive reliable and quality results, every time.

2023 The launch of Co-Biome™ and the MetaXplore™ range

Co-Biome™ launches in Australia and releases the MetaXplore range of diagnostic gastrointestinal and metagenomic-driven gut microbiome profiles.

Meet the team

Hayley Parcell

Nutritionist and Head of Co-Biome™ Healthcare

Dr Alena Pribyl

Senior Science & Research Officer

Dr Nicola Angel

Head of Laboratory Operations

Dr Ken McGrath

Clinical Solutions Manager

Krystyna Sullivan

Naturopath and Clinical Application Specialist

Christal Jux

Naturopath and Clinical Application Specialist

Christine Stewart

Nutritionist and Clinical Application Specialist

Dr Paula Smith-Brown

Dietitian and Clinical Science Lead

Dr Brad Leech

Nutritionist and Lead Clinical Educator

Alana Krahe

Nutritionist and Marketing Manager

Jillian Foster

Naturopath and Content Specialist

Alyssa Tait

Nutritionist, Physiotherapist and Scientific Reviewer

Laima Hareer

Naturopath, Dietitian, and Scientific Reviewer

Dr Areej Alsheikh


Dr David Wood

Head of Bioinformatics Operations

Marie Kalkaus

Customer Service Officer

Life at Co-Biome™

At Co-Biome™ we want to be proud of helping build healthier microbiomes today and shaping better microbiomes for the future. Join us and contribute for a cause and not just a company.

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