We believe that the future of good health lies within us. By collaborating with your healthcare professional to accurately unlock the complexity of the whole gut microbiome, together we can better understand and manage your health. Together we can unlock health from within.
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How gut microbiome testing works?

With trillions of gut microbes unique to you living in your gut and feeding on the foods you consume, you have the opportunity to influence your health through the diet and lifestyle choices you make.

Working alongside a healthcare professional to explore your gut microbiome and gastrointestinal health can allow you to nurture this symbiotic relationship

By assessing the whole gut microbiome and gastrointestinal health markers, your healthcare professional is able to reveal how the gut microbiome is interacting with your body systems and overall health.

01 Your Co-Biome™ Clinician will refer you a kit

Only authorised Co-Biome™ Certified Clinicians can refer you the MetaXplore™ range.

You’ll be sent an SMS with a secure link to complete the purchase.

02 MetaXplore™ kit sent to you

You will be sent your MetaXplore™ kit via express post.

03 You provide a sample

Follow the instructions inside the MetaXplore™ kit to take your stool sample.

04 Label your samples

Label your sample/s using the day of collection stickers provided in the MetaXplore™ kit.

05 Return your sample

Secure your sample/s in the reply-paid envelope as detailed inside the MetaXplore™ kit instructions.

06 Report sent to your practitioner

A comprehensive report will be delivered to your Co-Biome™ Clinician who will contact you to share your results.

How can I use the information in a MetaXplore™ report?
How do I order a MetaXplore™ profile?
How long after submitting my sample will it take to receive my MetaXplore™ report?
I would like to request multiple MetaXplore™ profiles for my family. How do I do this?