Become a Co-Biome™ Certified Clinician

To support healthcare professionals in using gastrointestinal and whole gut microbiome analysis in clinical practice, Co-Biome™ offer free training to qualified healthcare professionals.
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Whats involved in becoming a Co-Biome™ Clinician?

01 Register for access by completing the registration form

02 Receive access to refer patients for Co-Biome™ testing solutions and exclusive clinician-only content.

03 Be supported by a qualified clinical application specialist to help interpret patient profiles and guide clinical decision making.

Why choose Co-Biome™?
Clinical utility

Co-Biome is for clinicians and leverages the expertise from a team of clinicians, researchers and scientists. Combining deep gut microbiome knowledge with clinical experience transforms how clinicians can manage patient health.

Scientific thought leadership

Co-Biome use the latest technology to uncover more than ever before to guide clinicians with a more complete picture.

Data-driven approach

Co-Biome leverages insights from Microba's microbiome research to guide health insights related to the microbiome and guide future health discoveries.

Connect with Co-Biome™

With microbiome research rapidly evolving and advancing our understanding of the gut microbiome, clinical questions often arise. The Co-Biome™ team of clinical application specialists are here to help.

Have a question, need clinical support or want to discuss patient results? Book a call with a Co-Biome™ clinical application specialist by selecting a person below.

Hayley Parcell Available Monday - Friday

Hayley is a nutritionist with experience helping healthcare practitioners to implement gut health testing in clinical practice.

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Krystyna Sullivan Available Monday - Friday

Krystyna is a naturopath with experience in clinical practice and supporting healthcare practitioners in functional test interpretation.

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Christal Jux Available Monday - Friday

Christal is a Naturopath with experience supporting healthcare practitioners to implement functional testing in clinical practice.

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Christine Stewart Available Monday - Friday

Christine is a nutritionist and registered nurse working with Co-Biome™ to help practitioners understand MetaXplore™ reports.

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Practitioner FAQ
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