FOR PROFESSIONALS | 1 hr | Education

From Plate to Microbes Webinar

Join the Co-Biome team as we discover how different diet types impact the gut microbiome. Our team will present clinical case studies to help you apply these findings in clinical practice.

During this one-hour webinar, you will learn:
• The impact of different diets on the gut microbiome and gastrointestinal health
• How dietary patterns may contribute to gastrointestinal symptoms and dysbiosis in patients
• Emerging and epidemiological evidence on the role of dietary interventions for gut health
• Clinical considerations for prescribing personalised dietary interventions to shift the composition of the gut microbiome
• How diet can be used to support clinical outcome

Dr Brad Leech, Nutritionist and Co-Biome Lead Clinical Educator
Dr Paula Smith-Brown, Dietitian and Co-Biome Healthcare Science Liaison
Hayley Parcell, Nutritionist and Head of Co-Biome Healthcare
From plate to microbes webinar 15th november