FOR PROFESSIONALS | 1.5 hr | Education

Personalised Prebiotic Prescription Webinar

Join Alyssa Tait and the Co-Biome team as we explore the role of prebiotics in the health and function of the gut microbiome. Understanding how and when to prescribe different types of prebiotics can lead to greater success in reducing symptoms of dysbiosis and establishing a resilient gut microbiome.

During this 1.5 hour webinar, you will learn to:
• Understand how prebiotics can influence the gut microbiome and common clinical scenarios
• Identify gut microbiome markers that influence the selection of prebiotic for your patients
• Initiate an alternative approach to herbal antimicrobial therapy to effectively address gut dysbiosis and clinical symptoms
• Prescribe prebiotics at dosing schedules supported by evidence
• Apply a simple algorithm incorporating clinical features, gut microbiome test results and practical pointers to assist with selecting an appropriate prebiotic for your patients
• Select from a toolkit of strategies to address common “curve balls” that occur in prebiotic prescription in clinical practice

Alyssa Tait, Naturopath and Physiotherapist
Hayley Parcell, Nutritionist and Head of Co-Biome Healthcare

This content is for Co-Biome Certified Clinicians only

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