Practitioner FAQs

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from healthcare professionals.

If you are a qualified healthcare professional and have a question that isn't covered below or would like additional support, please book a call with our Clinical Application Specialist team.
Are Co-Biome MetaXplore services available outside Australia?
Can I refer an international patient for a Co-Biome MetaXplore service?
Is the Co-Biome lab accredited?
Turnaround times
How long after referring my patient for a Co-Biome MetaXplore report can they expect their test kit to arrive?
What is the turnaround time for me to receive my patient's Co-Biome MetaXplore report?
What is the Co-Biome MetaXplore testing process?
Test indications
What are the clinical indications for using a Co-Biome MetaXplore report?
Can I refer a child for a Co-Biome MetaXplore report?
Before taking a sample
Should my patient discontinue probiotics or supplements before sampling?
Do medications impact the results of a Co-Biome MetaXplore report?
How long after finishing a course of antibiotics should a patient wait to provide a sample?
Can my patient provide a sample during menstruation?
My patient has been taking NSAIDs, can they still provide a sample?
I want my patient to start antibiotics, antimicrobials, antiseptic, anti-fungal or antiviral therapies. Should they start before or after providing a sample?
My patient consumed alcohol yesterday, can they provide a sample?
Can my patient provide a sample if they have had a colonoscopy, colon cleanse or enema?
Do Co-Biome MetaXplore kits have an expiry date?
Taking a sample
How much time should my patient allow to take the test?
My patient has several bowel motions each day, when should they collect their sample?
Can my patient provide a liquid stool sample?
Troubleshooting with taking a sample
How can I suggest that my patient collects a liquid stool?
Can my patient provide a sample with visible blood present?
Data and privacy
How will my data be used?
What is your privacy policy?
Support and training
Do you have a clinical support team that can help me with the clinical application of Co-Biome testing?
Do you run user research?
How can I give feedback or make a complaint?